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Top Sporting Events in Dallas

Whatever your sport likes are Dallas, TX can surely accommodate it. It makes no difference if you are watching “America’s Team,” The Dallas Cowboys play in AT&T Stadium, if you are watching the Rangers baseball team playing at Globe Life Park, watching either the Dallas Mavericks or Dallas Stars play at American Airlines Center. and you can even watch FC Dallas play at Toyota Stadium.Now there is a new addition to the sporting events here in Dallas, TX. After a 28 hiatus indoor football has finally returned back to Dallas. The Dallas Marshalls will be another addition to sporting events in Dallas. The Dallas Marshalls will play its indoor football games in historic Fair Park Coliseum in South Dallas.

The people of Dallas, TX love sporting events. Although we have several sports teams, yet we are a football town. Matter of fact football is the most popular sport in the United States. Now the people of Dallas, TX will witness the return of indoor football. The Dallas Marshalls will bring excitement to sporting events in Dallas. Indoor football has not been in Dallas since 1990. It will be great to have a football team representing Dallas that actually plays its games in Dallas. The Dallas Marshalls has the full support of the city which includes local politicians, business, and local citizens.

Indoor football is slightly different from the National Football League when it comes to rules. Indoor football fields are 50 yards instead of 100 yards. There is no punting in indoor football. Teams are required to go for it on fourth down. Indoor football is more of an offensive game. It is not uncommon to see extremely high scores with players having multiple touchdowns. Now indoor football might not be as highly televised as other sports, but that does not minimize the level of excitement that it presents. Indoor football players are very accessible to their fans. Most of the time after every game the fans have an opportunity to take pictures and get autographs from their favorite players. The season is a little longer with indoor football. The indoor football season typically begins in mid to late winter and ends by mid-summer. The Dallas Marshalls home opener will take place February 17, 2018 where they will be playing the DFW Snipers. This game will not only be historical, but it will also be a great matchup.

When visiting Dallas if you are a big sports fan please make sure that you take advantage of the variety of sporting events that we have here. We take pride in saying that Dallas is not just a football city but Texas is a football state. Don’t get me wrong we love all of our sports dearly but when it comes to football we are a little biased. We sincerely hope that everyone that comes to Dallas in search of new sporting events will consider attending a Dallas Marshalls indoor football game. I am sure you will love it and not be disappointed.

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