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Here in Dallas we are a sports town. We love our sports teams! Of course we are the home of America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. We also have the Dallas Mavericks Basketball team and the Dallas Stars Hockey team. Unlike other cities we have somewhat of a variety of teams to choose from when it comes to sports. No disrespect to the other sports teams I think it is quite safe to say that Dallas is a football town! Of course we can take credit for “America’s team” the Dallas Cowboys but what a lot of people don’t realize is that unlike the other sports teams they don’t actually play in Dallas. Football is the most popular sport in the United States and not just the National Football League is capable of capitalizing off of this. Indoor Football Leagues want to get a piece of the action. Here in Dallas we now have the privilege of having a new indoor Football team. For the past 28 years indoor football in Dallas, TX has been on a hiatus. The Dallas Marshalls have come to Dallas to bless us with indoor football. I know that many citizens of Dallas are accustomed to the traditional National League Football but I guarantee that they have never experienced the excitement of true indoor football. Indoor football has not been in Dallas since 1990. People now have the opportunity to see what all the indoor football hype is about. First of all The Dallas Marshall football games will be played in Dallas.

The fans are going to have to get use to some of the differences that the game of indoor football presents. In indoor football the field is only 50 yards in length. The endzone has two goal post with nets on them. If by chance a ball hits one of those nets and bounces back toward the field the ball is still live. There is no such thing as punting the ball in indoor football. You have to go for it on fourth down every time. Offense is definitely the key in indoor football this is why most indoor football games are high scoring.Some players may average 5 or more touchdowns a game. Although indoor football might not be as popular as National League Football, yet it is filled with excitement for a fraction of the ticket prices. Fans have easier access to the players which is not always possible with the National Football League. They are able to get autographs and take pictures with their favorite indoor football team players after the games. The indoor football season starts in mid to late winter and ends by mid-Summer. So fans are able to enjoy a great game of football without being subjected to harsh weather conditions. All of the indoor football games are played in a comfortable climate controlled environment. Come out and show your support for the Dallas Marshalls. There first game is scheduled for February 17, 2018 at the historic Fair Park Coliseum in South Dallas. Go Dallas Marshalls!

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