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There are many people that have never heard of indoor football. It is not a sport that just came into existence overnight. Indoor football leagues have been around since 1990. Fans don’t have to worry about being subjected to the sometimes grueling outside elements. They can enjoy a great game of hard hitting football action in a climate controlled environment. Unlike the traditional National Football League, indoor football is very different. Instead of a 100 yard field indoor football only has a 50 yard field. Indoor football teams have 8 men on each side instead of 11. In indoor games there is not much defense played but the offensive play is phenomenal! Indoor football is definitely a sport to get excited about. On the average both teams normally score a combined 100 plus points. It strange sometimes seeing one player having more than 6 touchdowns during a game. There is no punting in indoor football so a team has to always go for it on fourth down. They even have rebound nets in the end zones. If a ball bounces of one of the nets it is still considered to be in play. One thing that is very appealing to lots of indoor football fans is the fact that players are more accessible. So you can participate in a meet and greet after the game is over. The chances of doing that after a National League Football game are slim to none. The tickets are very inexpensive when it comes to indoor football. It is possible for you to take your entourage to the game and still have money for concessions. Although indoor football is not highly visible like the National Football League, yet it is great to be able to watch football from February up until mid-August. So if you are a true football fan it is just like watching football year round.

Recently Dallas, Texas just announced a new team in the indoor football league, the Dallas Marshalls. This is a team that will truly be playing in the city of Dallas. They will be playing in the historic Fair Pak Coliseum in South Dallas.Dallas has been without an indoor football team for 28 years now. After a 28 year absence the Dallas Marshalls will hit the ground running. Dallas football fans that have never experienced indoor football are in for a treat. The Marshalls have just a hired a 25 year old general manager, which makes him the youngest in indoor football history. His name is Floyd L. Smith IV and he is a native of Dallas. He brings lots of new fresh ideas to the table that will be a major asset to the Dallas Marshall organization. Everybody is excited about indoor football returning to Dallas. The expectations of the Dallas Marshalls is very high right now. I am sure that the Dallas Marshalls will not disappoint and live up to those high expectations. The Dallas Marshalls opening game will be on February 17, 2018 against the DFW Snipers. Hopefully the Dallas Marshalls are on their way to becoming an indoor football championship team.

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