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In case you did not know, football is the most popular sport in the United States and it’s not just the NFL that is taking advantage of this. Indoor football leagues have been around since 1990. The great people of Dallas now have an opportunity to witness its valiant comeback firsthand. Finally! The Wait is over! After twenty eight year hiatus, football will once again be played in Dallas. This is definitely something to be excited about. So if you are a true football fan that is having withdrawals because all of the other leagues season has ended don’t worry. We can help you overcome them because the Dallas Marshals season is about to kickoff. Our Dallas Marshalls will be playing in historic Fair Park Coliseum in South Dallas. People will be able to enjoy a hard hitting game of football action in a climate controlled arena. Now indoor football is a little different from traditional football. Instead of a 100 yard field it is just 50 yards. There are normally 8 players on the field for each team. The teams have 20 man rosters. Indoor football games display a high level of offense which is mostly why the scores are so high.During these games it is not uncommon to see several players on the two teams to have multiple touchdowns. I will go as far to say that I believe that indoor football is more competitive than traditional league football. The indoor football season typically begins in middle to late winter and ends by mid summer. The opening game will be played on February 17, 2018 against the DFW Snipers. The Dallas Marshalls will most definitely live up to all of the high expectations of football fans. We will be trendsetters in the indoor football league. Just recently the Dallas Marshalls made history by the youngest General Manager in history. His name is Floyd L. Smith IV and he is a 25 year old Dallas native.His credentials are very impressive! Not only does he have a true passion for the game of football but he surely has the gravitas to make key decisions that will hopefully lead to the Dallas Marshalls becoming a championship team. We are hoping that our team will do so well that the Dallas Marshalls will become a household name. The Dallas Marshalls want their fans to be just as excited about attending the games and supporting the team as much as the players are about playing and performing on the field. A Dallas Marshalls game will not be just for the men to get out of the house looking to a game of football as an outlet but this is something for the entire family to enjoy. You cannot not go wrong by attending a Dallas Marshalls game, you will not be disappointed. It is surely to be filled with pure excitement that is good for all ages both young and old. We need and want your support for the Dallas Marshalls. Go Marshalls!

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