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Dallas is a football town, we just love this sport! Football is the most popular sport in the United States. For over 38 years now the Dallas Cowboys have been dominate in the National Football League. I guess many people would agree that if you live in Dallas and don’t like the Cowboys football team it would be considered to be non-American. They have been given the name, “Americas Team.” The have made 8 super bowl appearances and have won the title 5 times. The Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL team that has had 20 straight winning seasons from 1966-1985. They have only missed the playoffs twice, 1974 and 1984.

Most of the football fans in Dallas no nothing else but Cowboys. The National Football League is not the only one taking advantage of Dallas sports fans obsession with football. Now that could possibly be getting ready to change. Dallas now has a new indoor football team. After a 28 year hiatus the Dallas Marshalls will restore the excitement in indoor football. Although the level of play may be slightly different from the NFL, yet the excitement will be about the same if not better. In the beginning since it his highly unlikely that the Dallas Marshalls will get a lot of television time but their popularity will eventually increase becoming a household name.

Now it also is going to take some time for indoor football to grow on people because the rules are so much different than that of the NFL. The first difference is that the playing is half the distance of a traditional football field. There is not a lot of defense that’s played in indoor football games. It is not uncommon to see the teams score being very high with sometimes multiple players on a team will have 3 or more touchdowns. There is no punting in indoor football but each team must go for it on fourth down. Tickets to watch the Dallas Cowboys football team can be kind of expensive. Then on top of that parking can sometimes be just as expensive. Attending a Dallas Marshalls game is not so hard on people’s wallets. Indoor football game tickets are very inexpensive. Not only will you be able to comfortably afford tickets for at least 5 people reasonably, but you can also get refreshments and sports memorabilia. After every indoor football game fans are given an opportunity to take pictures with their favorite players. The Dallas Marshalls season starts in mid-winter and ends in mid-summer. This means that once the Dallas Cowboys regular season comes to and in you still can enjoy a Dallas Marshall game long after the NFL season is over. We highly encourage the football fans to come out for the Dallas Marshalls season opener against the DFW Snipers. For those that have been watching the Dallas Cowboys religiously we are not trying to minimize your loyalty for the Cowboys football team but it want harm you to experience the performance of an indoor football game that will be played in Dallas in a climate controlled building.

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