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There are many family attractions in Dallas such as; Adventure Landing, Dallas Summer Musicals, Dallas Zoo, and Dallas Aquarium. Spending time with family is always important. One thing to keep in mind is going to attractions that are family oriented. Some attractions are just not family friendly.

There is always a big demand to find fun activities that the entire family can enjoy. Sporting events can be great family attractions. There are several different sporting events in Dallas such as hockey, football, soccer, and basketball. Out of all of the sports football which is one of the most popular sports in the United States is going to be the one that most people prefer. Since 1960 the Dallas Cowboys have been a very big family attraction. Years later after 5 super bowls and many years of successful seasons they still are a big family attraction. Now things may be changing because now there is a new sport in Dallas, indoor football. After 28 years of absence Dallas now has an indoor football team, the Dallas Marshalls. This is an ideal family attraction! Indoor football provides a clean fun environment in a climate controlled building. Indoor football game tickets are very inexpensive. So this is an attraction that the family can attend that will not be so heavy on the wallet. It will give them an opportunity to enjoy the game, get some snacks, and then after the game go out to dinner. The family especially kids are going to love the interaction between the fans and the players. When it comes to indoor football players are very accessible to fans. After every game they will be able to take pictures and get autographs from their favorite players. That in itself will be a very memorable event for the family.

Indoor football has a different set of rules than traditional football. There are only 8 players on each side on the field. The playing field is only 50 yards long. It has goals with nets in both end zones that when a ball bounces off of them it is still considered to be in play. There is no such thing as punting in indoor football. Teams are forced to go for it on fourth down every time. Most of the indoor football games are very high scoring due to lack of defense. Players seem to run across the field effortless. Indoor football is a very exciting sport. It may not get as much television time as the National Football league teams but its popularity is definitely on the rise.

Indoor Football is definitely an attraction that the family will enjoy watching. Surely the family will love the nonstop, hard hitting, and high scoring action of indoor football. The Dallas Marshalls first home game will take place on February 17, 2018 against the DFW Snipers. The season last from the middle of winter until the middle of summer. This is more than enough time for families to have fun at this sporting attraction. So bring your family out to support the Dallas Marshalls. Go Marshalls!

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